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Moonshine Mine Legend

Coal mines were the heartbeat of Blacklick Township, Cambria County, in the beginning of the 20th century. Moonshine Mine was, and still is the most memorable and talked about. Although it was never formally named Moonshine Mine, folklore suggests that it received its name from the numerous moonshine stills strategically placed among the plentiful natural springs the hillside provided. Those hills provide the very same spring water that is used to distill our products today.

“Innovation will change products to make it quick and easy but not necessarily better.
Peoples tastes become accustomed to innovation until they taste the best”. Michael T. Cocho


As a child I remember seeing a strangely shaped copper object between some rafters in the back shed. I really never thought about it again until 15 years later when I became interested in the art of wine making and spirit distilling.  I recalled the strange copper object I spied as a youngster and realized it was a still. My curiosity got the better of me and I immediately went back to the shed, happy to find it had never moved from its resting place.

Now, more curious than ever, I went to my Mother to find out what she knew about it. Imagine my surprise when she began to share her memories and recipes from her Mother and generations before her. I consulted my Uncle Mike on this subject and he also shared stories and valuable information. Needless to say I inherited a family legacy and a desire to pass it on to my family and future generations.
Fast forward to the present. My Son, Michael II, who also shares my enthusiasm and knowledge for distilling, suggested we open up a distillery. After much thought, countless hours, hard work and perseverance, we are happy to announce that the 100 year legacy continues and we are open for business. We are proud that our legacy will continue for generations to come.

              Michael T. Cocho


The Cocho Brand distilled spirits are made of the upmost integrity and we will continually strive to achieve the finest quality. 
We value constructive criticism in order to attain our goals resulting in delivering a superior craft spirit to our customers.